Why visit the enchanting city of Palermo

Why visit the enchanting city of Palermo

Located on the northwestern side of Sicily and also it’s capital, Palermo is a city significant for it’s rich history and culture, and it’s architecture and food. It is also one of the top touristic destinations in Europe and is known as the “Kingdom of the Sun.” It is a gorgeous and sunny region, and a perfect place to spend your holidays. Palermo is also famous for the quality of it’s foods that contain fresh ingredients. It is Sicily’s economic and cultural capital as well as it’s tourism capital. Tourists are very attracted to Palermo because of it’s great weather, quality gastronomy and the enchanting architecture that is found there.

Mouthwatering Food

Even though it is an Italian country, there is an abundance of food from many different cultures that vendors sell on the street such as cannolis, arancinis and fresh granites. The three main markets that sell street food are Capo, Vuccirria and Ballaro, which all represent Palermo’s Arabic origins. Many delicious and mouthwatering foods are sold there for a very inexpensive amount of money. There are tours available for visitors to go on that will take them to all three of these markets and will give them a certificate at the end of the tour for those who ate everything that was given to them.

Luxurious Places to Stay

In terms of places to stay in Palermo, there are many options for visitors. Luxurious hotels are available all over the city. Holiday rentals Greece is also another alternative to a hotel, for tourists to rent that are fully furnished apartments or houses.

Beautiful Architecture

Today the city of Palermo is very modern yet has many medieval architectures that tells stories of it’s rich history. Some of these are Palermo Cathedral, Cappella Palatina, or San Giovanni degli Eremiti, which are all available for visitors to visit. Other medieval pieces of architecture are the city wall, which survived many years, and the opera houses known as magazzeni.

Palermo has many notable buildings that are worth visiting. These include the Palatine Chapel that is known as a masterpiece of the Middle Ages. This Chapel has a wooden roof that is painted and carved in Arabic style. The walls are covered in a myriad of mosaics that were made by Greek workmen. Another amazing piece of architecture is the Palermo Cathedral that was founded in 1185. Inside it are tombs of Holy Roman Emperors that played a big part in the city’s history.


Shopping in an Italian city has been the dream of many tourists. Palermo is home to many luxurious fashion boutiques from Dolce & Gabbana to Armani to Versace that are some of the best Italian brands.

If you want to explore outdoor markets, there is also an outdoor market called Ballaro, in the city. Sellers there sell fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh meat and fish. There are a number of stores there that also sell Sicilian specialties.

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