Top five reasons why you should drop what you’re doing and visit Prague

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Drop What You’re Doing and Visit Prague

As capital city of the Czech Republic and political, cultural and economic center of the middle European countries, Prague is home to many different kinds of attractions. These include the Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, the Charles Bridge, and many others that are all rich in history and culture. The city of Prague is ranked as one of the top best destinations for holidays. Listed below are reasons why you should not miss out on visiting this inspiring city.

1. Prague has beautiful architecture

Many of the buildings that were built in Prague back in World War II are still present there today, and have become significant historical buildings that show Prague’s rich history and culture. When you are in Prague, you will get to see different kinds of architecture that will each blow your mind from Baroque to Gothic to Renaissance architecture. In fact, the Prague Castle is said to be the largest castle complex in the world, by the Guinness Book of Records. Inside the complex there is a cathedral, churches, museums and a presidential palace that are all worth visiting today.

2. Visiting the city of Prague is cheap

Prague is a beautiful city filled with many things to do and sites to see. It is also known as one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe, compared to Paris, London, Geneva, etc. Visiting a museum in Prague will usually cost about 10 Euros or less and getting an unlimited train pass will only be about 20 Euros for a whole month.

3. Taste local beers

Czechs are known to drink more beer than any other group of people in the world. The beers that they provide are light and foamy and are said to be many people’s favorites. Beer is a part of the life in the Prague on a day to day basis: people drink beer during happy hour after they work, they drink beer while they watch sports, and there always has to be beer at any event.

To your surprise, there are event beer spas in Prague, and they also make beauty products, creams, and shampoos out of beer.

4. Free festivals and events

Every season in Prague, there always has to be free events. Those can either be festivals and parades and even markets. Some of these events include the Bohemian Carnival or the Czech Beer Festival.

All of these events are special in their own ways, depending on what event it is you are attending and they will all enable you to experience the rich Czech culture and meet the locals, who are more than welcoming.

5. Lit night life

The nightlife in Prague is lively and filled with energy. There are many pubs, clubs, lounges, and bars all over the city that provide amazing ambiance. You can also watch live music, take shots, and enjoy your time with your friends on the Prague streets. Chapeau Rouge is one of the most visited dance clubs in Prague. Tourists also enjoy visiting Hemingway Bar, where you can find all kinds of rum.

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