Road Tripping in Italy: 5 Itinerary Ideas


Italy is mostly known for it’s mouthwatering foods and luxurious fashion. However, there is more to Italy than just that. Italy has spectacular views that are worth enjoying on road trips. One of the best ways to get to now Italy is to rent a car and go on a road trip. Below are 5 itinerary ideas that will help you plan your next trip to Italy.

1. Tuscany

 Travelling from Florence to Pisa to San Gimignano, you will find inspiring Renaissance architecture, wine orchards, and breathtaking Italian scenery. In the region of Tuscany, you will get to taste delicious wine, observe medieval city centers, drive through beautiful green hills and hilltop towns as well.

2. Sicily

 Driving around the entire island of Sicily and seeing all it has to offer will take about 8 days. As you drive around, you will see Greek and Roman Theaters, Museums that you can visit, and different churches that portray beauty and talent. You can also drive out to Ragusa which is a countryside in Sicily that have olive groves and vineyards.

3. The Coast of Amalfi

 This particular coast is one of Italy’s most beautiful and scenic coasts. The roads there are a little bit narrower, so it is important to drive safely. Here, you will be able to visit Vietri sul Mare which is a small town famous for it’s art and ceramics. Then, you will pass many landmarks like the Cathedrale de San’Andrea. You can then have lunch nearby at Ristorante Pizzera Vittoria which is a classic Italian restaurant that will serve you authentic local food.

4. Rome to Abruzzo

 Rome is the bustling capital of Italy, that is rich in fashion, culture, and art. In Rome, as you drive around, you will be able to see the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square, The Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and many more sites. Depending on what interests you, you might take a while in Rome to explore all that it has to offer. As you drive just an hour east, you will get to Abruzzo which is quite the opposite of Rome. It is a little-known region that is peaceful and is quite different from the big city. You can have a picnic with your family in Abruzzo and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city.

5. Lake Garda

 Road tripping to Lake Garda will be just like driving into a postcard. Lake Garda is beautiful and is surrounded by many luxurious residential estates. You can see this Lake from up above with these homes near them. Make sure to pause to take some great photos here with the crystalling waters as your background. There are many restaurants and cafés on this itinerary that will leave you satisfied.

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