Biography of Rapha Cohen

Rapha Cohen is a father and an entrepreneur with a particular passion for travel and tourism. After having worked for several years in the communication sector. He decided to leave everything behind and travel around the world with his family. Back from his trip, he made a resolution and started a new job. He then launched himself in tourism and everything that revolves around it.

A look back at Rapha Cohen’s career

This travel enthusiast was project manager in a communication company for more than 5 years. He was then in charge of piloting, coordinating, and following up on the technical aspects of his company’s projects.

In 2005, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication. It is a 3-year diploma course that prepares students for jobs in creation, events and advertising.

In 2007, he graduated with a professional Master’s degree in communication, the equivalent of a 5-year degree. This diploma allowed him to immediately join a renowned company at the end of his university studies.

During his years of study and work, Jean François never stopped traveling to different countries. It was a way for him to plan his biggest dream of living from his passion which is tourism.

The change of course

In 2015, Rapha Cohen made a big change in his professional life. After the numerous trips and the world tour he made with his wife and two children, he decided to make a 360° turn.

He resigned from his position as a project manager. He then created his own company, a travel agency to live his passion fully. The main activity of his company is to propose travel offers to its customers. It acts as an intermediary between holidaymakers and the many service providers in the field of tourism.

As a tourism professional, he also advises his clients on the various formalities that need to be completed in order for their stay abroad to go smoothly. In spite of his experience, Rapha Cohen never stops learning and training to offer quality services to his clients.

A blog to share his passion

In parallel with his activity, Rapha Cohen also keeps a travel blog. It is a kind of personal diary in which he tells about his adventures and experiences. It is a way for him to share his knowledge and to give his readers the benefit of many tips.

In this blog, he publishes articles about the different places he has visited alone or with his family. He also leaves comments and impressions on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular destination. The idea is to give a totally objective point of view to all those who follow his blog.
His objective is not only to promote a place to visit or a service provider, but also, and above all, to better advise Internet users.